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Cardens A-Z Guide of Business Expenses You Can Claim: E is for…

Published on 13 September 2013, by in Blog, News, Uncategorized.


If you work from home and are the only one  who works for your company or you are registered as self-employed, you can claim back a percentage of your household electricity costs. This amount will be based on how much you use your home for business and how much for non-business.
However, if you are not the only one who works for your company and you work from home, the costs you can claim are more complex and you should consult your accountant about this.

If you have office space, your company can claim the full cost of heating and lighting for your business premises for tax relief.


If you have to wear evening dress in order to carry out your work (for example, if you are a bagpipe player and you wear your full Highland dress), this isn’t classed as “everyday Wardrobe.” so you can claim tax relief for it. Get your glad rags on!

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