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Simple. Smart. Secure.

Xero puts you in control of your business.

Xero is an online accounting system that gives you and your advisors easy access to your bank transactions, invoices, reports, even your VAT. Your data is accessible any time of day using any device that can be connected to the internet.

Benefits of Xero

Xero is an easy to use but powerful online accounting system that’s designed specifically for small businesses.

The privacy and security of your data is taken care of and is stored on Xero’s secure servers, where it’s backed up regularly. This means even if your computer is lost or stolen your data is safe.

It’s a better way of working together, by being on the cloud you, your staff and accountant can all work together at the same time in one online collaborative space.

Xero aims to make your business life easier by cutting down the amount of time you spend on admin and giving you the information you need when you need it.

And best of all…

Xero can also grow with your business with a great range of subscriptions and add-ons.

Xero automatically imports your bank statements daily so you can keep up-to-date with your cash flow. It has a full suite of accounting features such as invoicing, payables, expense claims, VAT, tax returns, reporting and much more.

Here’s a list of just some of its core features:

  • Being connected – by linking your bank, credit card or PayPal accounts with Xero you don’t have to spend countless hours re-keying your statements.
  • Clever reconciliations – one of the most time consumer processes is the monthly bank reconciliation. Not any more, Xero can learn with you, the more you enter the better it know you. You can also teach Xero with bank rules, simply tell Xero once how to deal with a transaction and that’s it.
  • Connect with your customers – Create and send professional invoices & get paid online. Manage cash flow by scheduling bill payments and sending invoices automatically.


And Much More…

To find out more of their great features and their subscription packages go to www.xero.com


Alternatively contact us for more information here on how we can use Xero to develop your business and what discounts we can offer.


If you would like to see our Xero training videos please visit our Xero Training Videos page here.

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